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Hello there,

My name is Orçun. It is said like "Ortune" (Fortune, without a letter "F”)


I’m a wedding photographer for couples who love the documentary style and real moments. I also love to create creative portraits and romantic images as well. I have been documenting weddings for ten years. I have witnessed more than 500 couples' love stories all around the world so far. I mostly like destination weddings. I love to discover new places and to meet new people and also love to learn about different cultures as well. 


I spent years studying Statistics at University, with no idea what I might do with it. It is really shaming that I can’t complete any master degrees which I have attended 3 different master programme. After spending some years in corporate life as a banker, a research and marketing specialist, I found myself a wedding photographer. I may tell the whole story in another post.


In my spare time, I  read books,  spend time with my daughter, watching the film series on Netflix and try to travel and explore. I used to play street basketball for years. But It is quite difficult to find my ex-team members these days. I have been taking boxing classes for two months and it makes me feel good! 

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